What is TRX training?


You will learn what TRX is, pluses and minuses, how to train with TRX loops. Imagine a simulator that can be worn in a backpack. TRX – this is the case when you can study, anywhere. All this was invented by Marine Rendi Hentrik in the late 90’s. He used ropes, parachute slings and even belts from a kimono, as equipment for practicing trx. His ingenuity, of course, did not go unheeded: soon the seals became everything, like one to train “like Randy.” In a word, in 2000 Hendrik was already a successful businessman and just then invented and patented his equipment.

So what is trx? These are two straps, which are attached to the horizontal bar and end with loops. These are the loops and your hands or feet fall to make the body a test of strength. In the wild fans of this fitness has long been seen and Madonna, and Cameron Diaz, and star coaches – for example, Greg Miel.

Content of the article:

  1. What is so good about TRX?
  2. TRX advantages
  3. What about contraindications?
  4. How to start
  5. Example of basic exercises
  6. Bending of the hands on the biceps
  7. Fall-out exercise
  8. Key feautures
Training with trx

What is so good about TRX?

  1. Do not hurt. Since the work goes only with its own weight, making yourself painful and unpleasant is almost impossible. And the load on the spine is minimal – the waist will be exactly satisfied.
  2. It trains endurance. Exercises on the hinges pump not only the muscles, but also breathing. No one forces you to squeeze yourself up to the 7th sweat, you can choose the intensity without damaging the result, so trx training is suitable even for people with diseases of the heart or respiratory tract.
  3. It pumps the whole body. It is difficult to imagine a more versatile simulator. You can choose a set of exercises, even for a circular, though for strength training, to stretch or strengthen the muscles of the bark. The case when all the major muscle groups work simultaneously.
  4. Clear and simple. Training loops trx is even easier than hulahop. They are convenient to use and they easily withstand weight up to 150 kg.
  5. Gives the result. This is the case when you get the maximum load with minimal effort. Bless Rendi Hentrik, because TRX simultaneously includes muscles, stabilizers, gives excellent cardio workout, increases stamina, flexibility, works on your coordination and strengthens joints.
  6. Increases metabolism. Even elementary exercises on the hinges so include the body in the work, that it still burns calories after training.

TRX advantages

Since we have found out what trx is and how to live with it now – it is worth saying that not everything is so easy and simple. Such trainings require military restraint and concentration. But, praise the gods of fitness, all this is within the power of even mere mortals. Moreover, it’s worth trying once and getting under the real trx-dependence. With each time it will be easier to keep balance, control your instability and masterfully manage the loops.

trx workouts
Trx workout

What about contraindications?

Unfortunately, no excuses will work here. Trx training is suitable even for children and pregnant women. Doctors unanimously approve and give a green light to everyone who is ready to change their body. Moreover, lessons with slings can solve a number of chronic problems and become health pills.

How to start

Classes trx – this school is a real fighter, from the first exercise it will become clear that your body is ready and will resist. But it’s not as difficult to tame as it seems. Despite the fact that the hinges were invented by Marines, they can even be cared for by beginners. Here the main thing will be to agree with yourself and set a goal. Moreover, that training is very dynamic and you will not have to be bored.

Example of basic exercises

Bending of the hands on the biceps

The flexion of the arms on the biceps is almost the same as lifting the bar, but with the difference that you have to pull the TRX handles and your body will be at an angle. In fact, the technique of execution is such that you have to lift yourself up, bending your arms in the elbows.

trx workout
Trx exercise


Do not “hold out” the arms to the neck, it will be enough to bend them to the right angle in the elbow;
That flexion that extension should be performed at a slow pace;
Tighten the body by hand, concentrating the tension in the bicep.
CONDITIONS: considering that this is a difficult exercise and often it will be much harder than lifting the biceps, first you need to focus on 6-7 repetitions in 2-3 repetitions.

After that, the main goal is 10 repetitions in 3 sets, only then you can start to complicate the task due to the technique or the addition of supertets.

Fall-out exercise

Another elegant exercise, which is effective absolutely for everyone.


  • Stretches the muscles of the back;
  • Improves posture;
  • Improves mobility of the shoulder girdle;
  • Stretches the abdominal muscles.

The latter is especially good to feel the press, while the main load goes to the shoulders and back, and the abdominal muscles allow you to balance and stabilize the position of the body.

trx workouts
Trx workout


  • It is necessary to become so that the hinges are fastened behind (an easier version) or above you (a very difficult option because of the greater angle of inclination).
  • Then simply extend your arms in front of you at the chest level and gently push the body forward.
  • At the top, you should be as if forward, while only the loops will keep you from falling.
  • At first glance, the technique may seem complicated, but it is an absolutely natural and even intuitive reaction of the body, therefore it is possible to master this exercise very quickly.

Since this is a difficult exercise, where it is much easier to get injured than in the others, you NEED TO REMEMBER THE MOST IMPORTANT RULES:

  • Do not try to unduly bend at the top, increase the angle and degree of stretching gradually. Rushing can lead to injury;
  • If you feel pain in the shoulder blades or the rear deltas, reduce the angle of the body;
  • The most important thing when performing – do not allow excessive stretching in the shoulders;
  • It is necessary to rest on socks, and not on the whole foot;
  • The body must be flat, representing a solid line, from head to socks.

Key feautures

  • Master the technique. Nobody starts Spartan training, if he does not know how to squat. Start with the basic exercises and gradually complicate them. So you will learn to load even the smallest muscles and with minimal effort to get the result.
  • Do not forget to drink water. Yes, a bottle of precious liquid will easily lift your efforts to a new level and save you from dizziness. Keep water near at hand, with your foot or in sight.
  • Ask the coach to help. Classes in the group are great and suffer together much easier, like to achieve success. But before the start of active training, it will not be superfluous to spend a couple of classes with an experienced mentor. So he pointed out the mistakes and showed how he would cope with the shoulders, who did not want to stand still.
  • Practice regularly. Captain Evidence loudly screams that only constant lessons give the result. It’s hard not to agree. To begin with, it’s enough to hang in the loops for 30 minutes, so that soon you will learn how to squeeze out of them and your body a maximum. Choose 2-3 days a week and gradually complicate your workouts. But remember, yes? Only after we master the technique.

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