What is CrossFit?


To explain what a crossfit is, in a nutshell, is quite difficult – about as hard as explaining what fitness is in general. But I’ll try.

Content of the article:

  1. What is a crossfit for?
  2. The purpose of the crossfit
  3. What attracts ordinary people in the crossfit?
  4. Training mode
  5. Crossfit community

Crossfit is an extreme system of general physical training, based on alternating, sometimes random, basic movements from various sports (weightlifting, weightlifting, gymnastics, rowing, athletics, etc.) performed with high intensity.

The basis of Crossfit includes elements of such disciplines as: weightlifting, gymnastics, aerobics, kettlebell lifting, a complex of strongman exercises and other sports. Crossfit, unlike other fitness areas, is a competitive sport, tournaments are held all over the world. In addition, crossfit is a trademark (brand), registered in the US by Greg Glassman in 2000, which, in combination, is its founder.

What is a crossfit for?

The crossfit is primarily aimed at increasing the strength and endurance of the body. CrossFit Inc., describing this sport, defines it as – constantly varying functional movements, performed with high intensity in different time intervals and modal domains. This is a complex of exercises, lasting for a total of 15 to 60 minutes, including most often several different physical exercises for the use of different muscle groups. That’s what crossfit means in fitness – it’s a multidirectional self-improvement of the body and willpower.

About what a crossfit training and what basic sets it includes, we’ll talk in more detail further. The basics of crossfit include several basic sets – cardio-exercises, gymnastic exercises and exercises with free weights.

crossfit gym

So what is a crossfit for? Undoubtedly, like any fitness direction in sports, it pursues the task of efficiently building a human body, but unlike all other crossfit, it aims to create the ideal athletes – the most physically prepared people on the planet. That is why cross-method is actively used in combat sports, during training of special power units, firemen and other professional directions, where physical training is placed at the forefront.

The purpose of the crossfit is the physical development of the athlete in the following ten areas:

  • Working capacity of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems;
  • Endurance;
  • Force;
  • Flexibility;
  • Power;
  • Speed;
  • Coordination;
  • Quick adaptation to changing loads;
  • Balance;
  • Accuracy.

Crosssfi is used in the preparation of various power structures – from fire departments to special forces units, – and in organizing the training process of professional sports organizations around the world. Why? Crossfit has convincingly proved its ability to lead to tangible results in functional physical training and to the solution of various tasks put forward by everyday, sporting or combat-combat activities.

The main idea is the functional orientation of training and, as a consequence, the maximum variety of training. Anyone who is set up for serious training can use crossfit, regardless of the level of their initial training. CrossFit easily scales to the capabilities of each.

crossfit gym
Couple crossfit training

The specialization of crossfit is the refusal of any specialization. Martial arts, survival in extreme conditions, many sports, and life itself encourage such an approach to fitness.

The steps taken on the path of physical development by Olympic athletes and elderly people differ in the degree of workload, and not in the form of the program. Fighters of antiterrorist units, skiers, climbers and housewives chose crossfit for themselves as the best fitness solution.

What attracts ordinary people in the crossfit?

  1. The availability and flexibility of the system: what grandparents and children do, the same is true for elite sportsmen. Everything depends only on the degree of intensity and the body’s need for exercise.
  2. Maximum effect in minimum time:
  • pull up the figure;
  • get rid of excess fat;
  • gain functional muscle mass.
  1. Functionality: no isolated exercises and expensive stupid simulators. Most of the complexes can be performed at least on the street.
  2. Safety: all movements, invented by the mother nature, with the right technique are the safest.
  3. Work is possible in a group (10-15 people), a mini-group (5-6 people) and individually.
  4. The spirit of competition helps in improving the effectiveness of training (people are ready to “die” for points).
  5. Acquaintance with a large number of movements (gymnastics, weightlifting, power lifting, etc.).
  6. After each training, a powerful release of endorphins follows.
  7. Functionality and endurance of the body. Moreover, a beautiful sports body is a pleasant bonus to the fact that you really will become “stronger, higher, faster”.
Crossfit workout

Training mode

Even if the athlete knows the definition of crossfit well, what it is in fitness and roughly understands how the classes are going, it is extremely important at first time either to use existing training programs or to develop your own with an experienced coach. Doing this yourself at first, still poorly understanding the possibilities of your own body, is fraught.

The common mistake of many athletes thinking about crossfit is that it’s a series of endless training cycles, like – ran for 5 minutes, then ran for 10 minutes at a distance and immediately jerked at the weight, and so approaches 20, leads to such problems as:

  1. Training plateau – the adaptation of the body to certain, the same physical loads, as a result of which the growth of muscles and other physical indicators ceases. Knowing why crossfit is needed, athletes alternate loads, and gradually increase them, thereby avoiding this unpleasant symptom.
  2. Injuries – this is what gives crossfit unprepared athletes more often. Usually they are associated with fatigue and impaired coordination due to illiterate approach to gymnastics and cardio sets during the transition to vejtlifting, as well as the hasty inattention of athletes due to their desire to meet within a certain time interval. In addition, injuries occur as a result of uncomfortable equipment of athletes.
  3. Overtraining for those who do not understand that the crossfit system should be accompanied not only by an uninterrupted training, but also by proper rest, a healthy sleep is quite a frequent occurrence. To avoid it, you need to make small breaks between sets, accompanied by a low five-minute physical activity, and also arrange days off from school days.
Diablo crossfit team
Diablo crossfit team

Crossfit community

But most importantly, a crossfit is a whole community! Daily laid out in the network of training programs, articles on nutrition, videos on exercise techniques and much, much more! Variants of adaptation of loads for any case and a minimum of inventory – you are no longer required gym. Doing at home, on a camping trip, at a dacha, on vacation – anywhere! Crossfit is good because anyone who wants to train will be able to train anywhere and with any set of equipment.

Thousands of people all over the world follow the daily published knee exercises, and this helps them to stand out and reach a new level in combat tasks, in the ring, in stadiums, in gyms and in daily life.

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