Thrust King

Thrust King

At home, it’s hard to give the right load on your back. An alternative to deadlift – an effective exercise for the back muscles – is the thrust of the king, which can be performed at home. The advantage of the exercise is also that it is performed on one leg, allowing the thigh extensors to learn to work in an asynchronous mode. And this develops not only strength, but also coordination of movements. Exercise thrust king is considered heavy both in technique and in performance. There is another name for it – a dead royal thrust. Therefore, at the beginning of the development of technology, its implementation is possible both with the support of the second leg, and without additional burdening.
Content of the article:

  1. What muscles work?
  2. Benefits and contraindications
  3. Technique of execution
  4. Variations of exercise
  5. Exercise Tips
  6. Draw conclusions

What muscles work?

The thrust of the king is an excellent exercise for the muscles of the buttocks and legs with the weight of your own body. During the work the following muscles will be involved:

  • extensors of legs; (exercises on the extension of the thigh )
  • hamstrings;
  • muscles of the waist;
  • the widest back muscles;
  • muscles bark;
  • lateral muscles of the press;
  • hamstring;
  • rhomboid muscles.

It’s about working with your own weight. When the element with burdening is performed, the two-headed flexors of the arm and the inner fascicle of the wrist muscles begin to work.

Benefits and contraindications

In addition to the fact that the element perfectly works back, it has the following advantages:

  1. The development of coordination and flexibility – you need to try very hard not to fall in a squat on one leg with the body leaning forward and an elongated leg.
  1. Forcing joints to work – muscle mass can not grow without multi-joint elements.
  1. Minor trauma – damage to the back can only be done with improper technique of carrying out with burdening. If the latter are not available, then the maximum that the athlete can expect is a loss of balance and a fall.
  2. The possibility of applying the exercise in the home environment and in the daily training program.

Exercise is available to both professional athletes engaged in cross-fencing, and fragile girls. In addition, it allows you to restore balance in muscle stabilizers, located around the knees.

Deadlift on one leg
Deadlift on one leg

As for contraindications, they are not, if it concerns an element without weight. Working with the weight you need to pay attention to sensations in the back. If there are pains or a dorsal corset is poorly developed, then it is better to wait with training. The same applies to the knees and ankles: you need to carefully perform the element in case of problems with them.

Technique of execution

The technique of carrying out the thrust of the king in its classical version will be as follows:

Step 1. We take the original position – we become even, leaving a natural deflection in the lower back.

Step 2. We set one leg back and rest it with the toe on the floor. Weight is then transferred to the other leg.

Step 3. We bend both legs in the lap, sitting down on the front as low as possible.

Step 4. Tilt the body forward.

Step 5. We return to the starting position.

The main thing in technology is a simultaneous squat and a leaning forward. We need to do it a number of times and repeat the complex to the other leg.

Variations of exercise

The thrust of King is available not only in the classical version, but in various variations.

Thrust of King with dumbbells

Execution of an element with burdening is a complicated version of the exercise. The technique of execution will be similar to the classical version. The only difference is that we will hold dumbbells in our hands. The hind leg at the same time will play the role of a counterweight: during the execution of the element it must be strongly set back – it will help coordinate the ascent.

The benefits of traction on one leg
The benefits of traction on one leg

Thrust with a deep slope

Performing an element without weight, you can strengthen the effect, trying to tilt your palms to the floor. As a result, the amplitude of motion increases, which will allow:

  • even more work the lower back;
  • it is even better to develop coordination;
  • increase the load on the muscles of the press;
  • use the top of the trapezoid.

Romanian traction on a straight leg

Replace the thrust of King can be such a training element, which is easier to perform and prepare for mastering the main element. The technique of execution will be as follows:

  • We stand on the right foot, slightly bending it in the knee. Straighten your arms and bend your lower back.
  • We lean forward, lifting simultaneously the left leg.
  • At the lowest point, we try to make the body and the left leg make up one line.
  • We return to the starting position.

Lunge back with a towel

Another change in the thrust of King, allowing to work the lower phase of the squat. The step-by-step element would look like this:

  • We stand facing any support and throw a towel over it.
  • We go back until the towel is completely stretched, and the hands are not straightened.
  • Slightly bend the right leg, in the left tear off the floor.
  • We bend the supporting leg and pull the pelvis back.
  • Touching the floor with the knee of the unoccupied leg, we return to the starting position.

Exercise Tips

All the important points to look at are presented in the table:

Breath At a rapid pace, we breathe in on the squat, and exhale – at the exit of the thrust.Performing the exercise at a slow pace, you can do two breaths and an exhalation – at the bottom point and at the middle of the ascent.
Small of the back The waist should always be in a slight deflection – this will increase the load on the muscles of the hamstrings and buttocks.
Free leg The knee should be bent at least to the right angle.
Support leg The knee of the supporting leg must also be slightly bent-so that the pressure on the knee joint and the gluteal muscles will always be in tension.

It is interesting!  Relax the second leg and stress the load on the muscles of the back, not the hips, by tying the limb with a tourniquet. This will disable the muscles of the press due to the fact that you do not need to maintain balance. Also, the load on the back of the thigh will somewhat decrease.

Draw conclusions

The thrust of King is an excellent exercise for the development of the muscles of the back. Techniques can be learned at home and in the shortest possible time. The element will be an excellent addition to exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups and squats.


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