The training program to gain muscle mass for ectomorph


So, probably, you heard about the types of physiques. If not, and the word ectomorph you have questions, then I’ll try to “sort everything out by you”.

There are three types of physique: ectomorph (lean and tall), mesomorph (athletic), and endomorph (full and slightly below the mesomorph).

As a rule, there are no pure types of the physique, just the most pronounced. For simplicity of classification and it is accepted to pay attention to the most expressed type of a constitution.
Content of the article:

  1. Body type “ectomorph”
  2. Main differences
  3. Effective training program for muscle mass

Body type “ectomorph”

The ectomorph is characterized by high growth and leanness. The musculature is thin but elongated. Because of these physiological features, the ectomorphs will need more time to gain muscle mass than the other two types.


And in general, the difference lies in the training program itself, in the time of each session, in the time of rest between the approaches and the individual exercises, as well as in nutrition and rest. I will try to explain more specifically. If you want to get big biceps, read this article about biceps training in the gym and at home.

Main differences

In anybody, there are red (slow) and white (fast) muscle fibers. So the ectomorphs are dominated by fast, that is, white muscle fibers. They allow you to work with high intensity, but for a short time. These are original sprinters that use explosive force, but for long-distance runs are useless. The opposite picture with slow fibers.

Body types
Body types

Just want to note that for the training program in the gym for the ectomorph it is necessary to strictly observe the rest time between sets and exercises, that’s right on the timer.

Each lesson should be built so that it lasts no more than an hour. Even at a more advanced stage, you can increase the training time to an hour and 15 minutes. Although, I think the ectomorphs will immediately understand that the forces are already running out, but it’s no use to continue training.

If you have an ectomorphic body type, then you need to eat strongly. No, this does not mean eating everything. Just increase protein foods in your diet.

Rest (sleep) should also be at least 8 hours a day, or even better use and a short day’s sleep.

The frequency of training can be up to 4 times a week, but on condition that they do not last more than an hour.

In comparison with other types, the ectomorph rates differ in all parameters.

Effective training program for muscle mass

I will designate at once. The program is designed for six months and is divided into 4 workouts a week. If desired, you can squeeze up to three days, changing sit-ups with a barbell and becoming thrust every week.

Pumped ectomorph

Rest between sets 1,5 – 2 minutes, no more. Between exercises – 2,5 – 3 minutes. The working weight should be 79% of the maximum (1 PM -repeated maximum). Give the first workout to calculate the maximum weights in each exercise and be sure to write them down.

After you have worked with this program for 3 months, it can be extended by additional exercises, for example, on the press, sides, or lumbar muscles. Let’s move on to the program itself.

1st training

  1. Wide grip bench press: only 4 approaches / first – 8; the second – 8; the third – 7; the fourth – 6.
  2. Press the dumbbells on a positively tilted bench (on an incline): 4/10; 9; 8; 7.
  3. Dumbbell lying down (wiring): 3/10; 10; 10.
  4. Press the bar with a narrow grip: 4/10; 10; 9; 8.
  5. Flexion-extension of hands on the uneven bars (push-ups): 2 – 3/15; 15; (12).
  6. French press or extension of hands in elbows on a block simulator: 2/10; 10.

2nd training session

  1. Classic deadlift: 4/8; 8; 6; 6.
  2. Slopes forward with a barbell on the shoulders: 3/10; 9; 8.
  3. Flexion of legs in the simulator: 3/12; 10; 10.
  4. Ascent to the toes standing: 3/15; 15; 15.
  5. Ascending to socks sitting: 2/12; 12.

3rd training session

  1. Thrust rod inclination: 4/12; 12; 10; 10.
  2. Lifting on the crossbar or the pull of the top block (if it’s hard to pull up, use the gravitron simulator): 4 / max. (each approach to the maximum).
  3. The thrust of the lower block: 2/12; 12.
  4. Thrust dumbbells with one hand, standing in a slope: 2/8; 8.
  5. Bending of hands with a bar: 2/10; 8.
  6. “Hammer” with dumbbells; 2/10; 8.
  7. Concentrated hand bending: 2/8; 8.

4th training session

  1. Squats with a barbell: 4/10; 9; 8; 8.
  2. Pressing your feet in a hack machine: 3/8; 7; 6.
  3. Leg extension in the simulator: 3/12; 10; 10.
  4. Army bar press: 4/10; 10/9; 8.
  5. Arnold’s wrestling: 3/8; 8; 8.
  6. Shrikes with a barbell: 3/10; 9; 8.
  7. Lifting the dumbbell to the sides: 2/12; 10.
  8. Watch for well-being, but you can add a dumbbell lift to the sides in the slope.

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