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Crossfit for beginners: principles and workout plan

To avoid a routine in training, you need to try something new from time to time like Crossfit. Among the many…

crossfit games rulebook
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The 2019 Crossfit Games season Rulebook | Crossfit Open

1.06 – REGISTRATION AT THE STAGE OPEN – TRANSGENDER ATHLETES POLICY CrossFit transgender athletes’ policy applies to all athletes who…

Greg Glassman
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CrossFit Games 2019 – Honest opinion about the changes | Greg Glassman Quotes

This year, the format of CrossFit Games 2019 has changed dramatically by Greg Glassman Quotes. Upcoming changes were announced in…

Crossfit games open by reebok
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Registration for CrossFit Open 2019 is available! | Crossfit Games

The headquarters of CrossFit announced the opening of registration for the most massive online tournament CrossFit Open 2019. Recall that…