Romanian deadlift

One of the most effective exercises for training the hamstrings and buttocks is the Romanian deadlift. The element is one of the variations of the classic deadlift and is suitable for both men and women. In addition to the target muscles, the thrust loads calf, lumbar and trapezium muscles.

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  1. What is the difference between classic deadlift and romanian?
  2. Romanian deadlift: technique of execution
  3. Common Mistakes
  4. Recommendations for implementation
  5. Alternative to the Romanian deadlift
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What is the difference between the Romanian draft and the
What is the difference between the Romanian draft and the

What is the difference between classic deadlift and romanian?

The difference between the deadlift and the Romanian is shown in the following.

Direction of movement

Classical deadlift involves a trajectory of movement from below-upward. The projectile, which must touch the floor with each lowering, must be lifted from the floor with a straight back. The legs must also remain straight. This exercise loads all the muscles of the legs and back, but increases the risk of pain after training.

Romanian deadlift is performed on straight legs or slightly kneeled. The back is also even, the projectile is lowered only to the middle of the shin. The trajectory of the movement here will be: from top to bottom. As a result, the load on the lower back, and hence the risk of injury. The load in case of Romanian traction will be softer and local.


The difference between the head and Romanian traction is also in the effect obtained from the training. The classic version of traction is suitable for athletes of any gender who wish to increase the stamina of their legs and make the muscles look beautiful. Romanian deadlift is perfect for girls, as it makes attractive the relief of the hips and buttocks. Yes, and the technique of performance is much easier than the station.

As such, there is no such thing as a “Romanian draft”. There is an element of “deadlift”, which means lifting the projectile with straight hands from the floor to straighten the body. And the Romanian thrust is already one of the varieties of the camp. At the same time, the element originally had a different name – deadlift on straight legs. The definition of “Romanian” appeared a little later and it was connected with the Romanian athlete Vlad Nick, who often included the exercise as an auxiliary to the main training.

Romanian deadlift: technique of execution

There are at least eight types of deadlift, so many do not understand their differences and, accordingly, perform the elements in a unified style. The whole point is in shifting the load, so the technique of execution will be different.

Romanian deadlift
Romanian deadlift

A step-by-step technique for performing the Romanian deadlift will be as follows:

Step 1. Set the bar to the correct weight and go to the neck. The legs are set on the width of the shoulders and slightly bent at the knees. The feet are parallel to each other, the back is straight.

Step 2. Lean with a straight back and take the griffon to you. The hands are bred slightly wider than the shoulders.

Step 3. Smooth movement. The back remains straight, the shoulder blades are folded, the arms are slightly bent at the elbows. At the top of the pelvis, you need to move forward and achieve an even spine.

Step 4. With a deep breath, we begin a slow downward slope. The pelvis should now be pulled back. The blades remain pinched.

Step 5. The bar of the rod when tilting should be kept near the front surface of the legs. In the bottom position, the maximum stretching of the hamstrings should be felt.

Step 6. Upward movement should be started immediately after reaching the level of the knee or mid-calf. In this case, the rise should be due to a push from the floor of the feet.

The indicator of the correctness of the exercise in the received load: the hamstrings should be tired, not the lower back.

The technique of performing the Romanian deadlift in the classical version is ideal for women. When properly performed, the load will get gluteal muscles and the posterior region of the thigh, an attractive form of which achieves any representative of the fair sex.

Common Mistakes

Despite the simple execution of the element, a number of mistakes are made that are often made by beginners:

  1. The back at any stage of the execution of the element must remain straight and tense. Many round the spine, which can lead to his injuries. And to work in this case will not be the hip with the buttocks, but the bottom of the back, which means that the effectiveness of the training is reduced to zero.
  2. The barbell needs to be kept very close to the legs, it should almost touch them lightly. Often engaged does not reach the barbell and begins its ascent in the distance from the legs.
  3. The barbell needs to be held back by the force of the forearms and hands. At a significant weight this is not always possible, and the athlete tries to help himself by bending his hands in his elbows. With a weak grip, it is better not to bend your elbows, but to take less weight.

Recommendations for implementation

To achieve the maximum effect from the training, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. Footwear. Shoes should be comfortable and tightly seated on the foot. This should be not just sneakers, but shoes, which excludes the possibility of wiggling the toes and reliably fixes the limbs. In the opposite case, the possibility of getting a back injury is not ruled out.
  2. Different grip. Do not hold the bar with a rifle – this will have a negative effect on the back. Use only a straight wide grip, assistants can also become special wrist straps.
  3. Breath. For Romanian traction, a characteristic phenomenon is the intrathoracic tension. To avoid this, it is necessary to follow the breathing technique: on the heaviest area, a quick and deep exhalation should be made after the same inhalation.

Since the element is associated with possible injuries of the spine, in addition to the incompatibility of the Romanian traction and the round loins, you can take on a couple of tips, adhering to which, you can reduce the burden on your back during the training:

  • keep the head on one axis with the spine;
  • look straight ahead;
  • Do not take too heavy a weight;
  • Do not unbend fully at the top;
  • include in the complex of exercises elements on the development of the dorsal muscles;
  • lifting a shell, do not count only on the lumbar region or the strength of the hands – here you need the competent work of the entire spine.
How to properly carry out traction
How to properly carry out traction

Alternative to the Romanian deadlift

In addition to the classic Romanian thrust with the bar, there are also its varieties:

Type of exercise Features
Romanian deadlift with dumbbells This version of the exercise is not so popular, because The technique of execution is more complex, and the load on the muscles is asymmetric. The position of the dumbbells needs to be controlled throughout the element: even a minimal deviation will lead to asymmetry, and the load on the sides of the body will be different. As a result, the practitioner concentrates not on the technique of execution, but on the control of the position of dumbbells.
Romanian traction on one leg One more complicated variant, in which the gluteal muscles are perfectly worked. Also, the muscles of the press are connected to the work, performing the role of stabilizer here. The technique of execution is similar to classical execution, the only difference is that simultaneously with the lowering of the body one should take one leg back.
Performing Romanian stanovaya in the simulator Smith This variation is perfect for beginners. Simulator Smith controls the movement of the projectile and simplifies the task of the practitioner. The technique of execution is unchanged: the main thing is to ensure that the back is constantly tense and arched.


So, if your goal is beautiful hips and buttocks, then Romanian deadlift is for you. You can do it both in the hall and at home. Having mastered the element, you can achieve your goal in a few short daily trainings in a short period of time.

Romanian deadlift tutorial:

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