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The headquarters of CrossFit announced the opening of registration for the most massive online tournament CrossFit Open 2019. Recall that anyone interested in any level of training – from professionals to ordinary fitness enthusiasts – can participate in it.

Content of the article

  1. The Open Schedule
  2. Registration Procedure

The competition will begin in 42 days. From February 21 to March 25, five unique complexes are waiting for athletes, the results of which determine future participants of the CrossFit Games 2019.

crossfit games 2019
Crossfit games 2019

The Open Schedule

The schedule of the upcoming tournament is as follows:

  • The first complex 19.1: February 21-25 (17:00 Pacific time);
  • Second complex 19.2: February 28 – March 4 (5 p.m. Pacific Time);
  • Third complex 19.3: March 7–11 (5 p.m. Pacific Time);
  • Fourth complex 19.4: 14–18 March (17:00 Pacific time);
  • Fifth complex 19.5: March 21 – 25 (17:00 Pacific time).

Registration Procedure

To take part, you need to go through 4 steps:

  • Create a profile on;
  • Sign up for The Open 2019;
  • Choose an affiliated hall;
  • Every week, bring the results of the performance of the complexes into the overall leaderboard.

The next tournament complex will appear early Friday morning, starting from February 21. It can be taken an unlimited number of times in the period from Friday to Monday. The result must be recorded by a qualified judge. It is necessary to make it before 4 am Tuesday in your personal account.

CrossFit Games Open Workout

This year, The Open will be held twice: in February – for selection for the Crossfit Games 2019 and in October – for 2020. Conditions for participation in the tournament are presented in the new rule book.

All information about the event, registration, and answers to popular questions are on a specially created page.

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