Pump Biceps and Triceps With Dumbbell Workout

dumbbell workout
  1. Biceps dumbbell workout is a fairly simple, but very effective sports training scheme, allowing you to engage in the work of a maximum of muscle groups, that is, almost the entire body. Enumerate exercises with dumbbells, it is very difficult, their countless number.

    The main advantage of dumbbells in most sports equipment is its versatility. They are suitable for training in the gym, and for self-training at home. People who are used to doing sports at home, in most cases, give preference to these shells.

    Content of the article:

    1. How to deal with dumbbells at home?
    2. Pump biceps and triceps with dumbbell workout:
    3. Hammer
    4. The bench press
    5. Thrust dumbbell
    6. Aiming at the biceps
    7. French press with a dumbbell
    8. French press with a dumbbell with one hand
    9. Additional recommendations
Pumped biceps
Pumped biceps

Manufacturers of sports equipment produce many different dumbbells. The most expensive are considered collapsible. They differ from the simple ability to adjust the weight and therefore are much more expensive. This allows you to conduct training with a single shell absolutely to everyone, regardless of the level of training and sex.

Beginners are recommended to set the minimum weight. People with a good level of training should immediately add a couple of pancakes, starting to train with a higher load.

How to deal with dumbbells at home?

Any burdening requires certain precautions. They are aimed at minimizing the risks of injury and are as follows:

It is necessary to warm up before the start of the training. The warm-up should be aimed at careful preparation of the joints and muscles for subsequent loads.

Strict observance of the technique of execution. The slightest deviation from correct execution can cause injury and corresponding negative consequences.

The number of approaches for home training ranges from 3 to 5 sets. The number of repetitions in each is from 6 to 10 times. The main guideline in building the training should be the level of their own training and physical capabilities.

dumbbell workout
Biceps exercise with dumbbell

Beginners are advised to exercise with a break for one or two days. This is due to the fact that muscle fibers are restored with much less speed in beginners than in more experienced athletes. The latter can engage with dumbbells from five or more days a week.

To involve every muscle group in the work, it is necessary to do not just individual exercises, but specially designed complexes. The main thing is to follow the recommendations and rules, including the order of implementation. This allows you to isolate the muscles you need without involving other parts of the body.

Pump biceps and triceps with dumbbell workout

Differs enough simple enough. Perfectly adapted for people with different levels of training. Includes only those exercises that can be carried out literally by everyone, regardless of the level of their own preparation. Some require the use of a chair or bench.


Get straight. The legs are set on the width of the shoulder girdle. Hands with their hands turned toward him, lowered.

The right hand holding the dumbbell is bent at the elbow and raised to the shoulder joint with an exhalation or a delay in breathing. The initial posture is taken with inspiration. Repeat a similar action on the left arm.

dumbbell workouts
Hammer exercise

The correct technique of performing a “hammer” implies a complete immovability of the hull and elbows. The pace should be slow to get a feel for how the biceps work. Sets for 8-12 “hammers” make from 3 to 5.

The bench press

Requires a certain preparation and is carried out with a bench, which is placed at an angle of 30-40 degrees. It is securely fixed. She should not stagger. On the bench lie with his back, and his feet are placed on the floor in the most comfortable position.

dumbbell workout
Dumbbell bench press

Hands at the beginning of the exercise can be located either at one height or below the bench level. With an exhalation, the hands are raised upwards. In the initial pose, they return on a slow inspiration. Exercise is like a barbell bench press, but only here we use dumbbells. Hands must be located on the same level with each other, read an outdoor workout article.

The number of presses in 3-5 approaches varies from 8 to 12.

Thrust dumbbell

It is carried out with the use of a horizontal bench. Approaches are done exclusively with alternating hands.

dumbbell workout plan
Thrust dumbbell

The right arm and knee rest on the bench. The left leg bent slightly in the knee joint, is placed on the floor surface, and the arm with the dumbbell is lowered. The working hand is pulled to the waist region, while the shoulder blades are brought together. The change of parties is carried out through 10-15 drafts, and the number of sets is from 3 to 5.

Aiming at the biceps

They sit either on a chair or remain on the floor. In the latter case, the legs are placed slightly wider than the shoulder girdle. Divorced hands in both versions look upwards with palms. They, bending at the elbow joint, raise with dumbbells to the level of the shoulders.

Biceps workout

Performed with the use of a bench or chair. On the support, the surface sits down so that the back is slightly tilted forward, and the legs are widely spaced. Left elbow rest on the left knee. Bending the arm, it is brought to the shoulder. A similar action is taken on the opposite side.
Both exercises assume that at the top of the hand are twisted outward. On each side do 10-15 repetitions. The number of sets is 3-5.

French press with a dumbbell

Get straight. The legs are put on one level with the shoulders. The dumbbell, held with both hands, is raised above the head. With a sigh, she sinks to the back of her head and rises again with an exhalation. Elbow joints should be parallel to each other and not move around.

dumbbell workout plan
French press with a dumbbell

French press with a dumbbell with one hand

Similarly to the first, but done separately on the right and left hand. Thus, the amplitude appreciably increases, and the dumbbell drops much lower.

Each hand needs to be done from 8 to 12 repetitions. The optimal number of approaches, as in all other exercises, is from 3 to 5.

dumbbell workout plan
French press with a dumbbell with one hand

Additional recommendations

  1. How to build training with dumbbells so that it brings the maximum benefit? Give the first five to ten minutes of training to warm-up exercises. The warm-up prepares the body for exercise and reduces the risk of injury. Start with the joints and the spine. Continue warm-up with cardio and finish with a small stretch. The purpose of pre-training stretching is to warm up the muscles and reduce the likelihood of injuries that can be obtained by performing intense strength exercises with dumbbells. Preliminary warm-up is especially important, since their muscles are weaker than in men, and trauma when working with weight is very easy to obtain. Putting the same lengthy cardio before the power is not recommended, since then the resources for the power work of your body simply will not remain.
  2. The main secret of a beautiful body is to make sports a part of your life. Do training with dumbbells 3 times a week, necessarily taking breaks between them. A respite is needed in order for the muscles to recover. If you want to practice more often or try to lose weight, add 3 hours of aerobic exercise. This is enough to feel the fat burning effect and improve the result of strength exercises.
  3. Work in a comfortable for you mode. To begin with, it is enough to perform 1-2 sets of 10-12 repetitions of each exercise with dumbbells. When your muscles get stronger, you can increase the load by adding weight or increasing the number of approaches.
  4. Even the most effective training program with dumbbells will not bring results with the wrong breathing technique. Remember that the effort is always made on exhalation. Relax muscles is necessary for inspiration.
  5. Keep track of progress. Regular exercises with dumbbells help to quickly bring the body into tonus. But the numbers on the scales can increase. This will be associated with muscle growth. Watch your diet, think up aerobic exercise, and do not forget to measure your body volume once a month.

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