Outdoor Workout

outdoor workout

Outdoor workout have its own characteristics. First of all, like any occupation, they must be regular. Problems to competently build a program of training on the street should not arise.

Since almost every yard has a bar and bars. But to limit yourself to two shells is not worth it. For greater effect in the training program on the street, you should add running and aerobic exercises. Combining cardio, power and aerobic exercises will give even greater results.

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  1. Outdoor training for women
  2. Outdoor training for men
  3. The advantages of the outdoor workout are quite obvious.

Outdoor training for women

The training that is offered to women is not much different from the male. Since the essence of training programs on the street is the same. The only serious difference is that girls do not have to be engaged on horizontal bars and beams, it is enough to combine running with aerobic loads.

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Women’s training

Combining aerobics and cardio, subcutaneous fat is actively burned. Training on the street for girls is not just conducive to losing weight, but also makes your body more embossed and elastic.

Outdoor training for men

Men do not have to do aerobics, and it is desirable to do exercises on the beams and horizontal bars and plus running. In this case I will combine force loads with cardio. First of all, this will have a qualitative effect on the overall physical state. Street training in the streets for girls, as well as for men, will always help you stay toned and in a good mood, read ab workout for men and women.

Considering that men are more physically hardy, it is recommended to race for longer distances. Instead of conditional 2-3 kilometers, which a woman runs through, a man must run 5-7 kilometers. Training on the street for men is very popular in many yards, you can often see the youth on the horizontal bars.

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Outdoor training of men

Inserting in these exercises or other exercises, you can give a frenzy fantasy. Since you are in an unlimited space, exercises can be very diverse. Universal training is considered to be a run combined with power exercises (men) and aerobic (women). The complex of training on the street is built individually for everyone, with their favorite exercises.

This can be taken as the basis, the skeleton, and around the universal program to build their training, “adjusting” for themselves all the necessary exercises. As for time, it is advisable to exercise on the street for no more than 1 hour, in order to avoid overtraining. Classes should be regular, as mentioned above. That is, either daily, or three times a week. Exercising outdoors can include the following exercises:

  1. Running, skipping rope;
  2. Push-ups on the uneven bars;
  3. Push-ups from the ground;
  4. Pulling on the crossbar (grip if desired);
  5. Squats;
  6. Raising the legs on the crossbar.

This list of exercises is the best option for training for men. Here there are cardio loads (jogging, rope), and strength exercises (push-ups, pull-ups, squats). This is the case when on the basis of this training, women can build their own.

From this list it is necessary to throw away all power, simply replacing aerobics. By the way, aerobics can be practiced in any park. You can resort to any park, and start aerobics classes.

Today, in general, there is a lot of information about street training. It is enough simply to ask the question that interests you. And your attention will be presented to a variety of videos with training on the street, the technique of their implementation. And you can also find the most suitable training program for you if you did not create it yourself.

outdoor workout
Outdoor training

The advantages of the outdoor workout are quite obvious.

First of all, of course, the conversation is about the possibility of maximum consumption of oxygen, which is important for fat burning processes. In addition, you have the opportunity to experiment and feel a sense of freedom. <br> <br> Minuses, as such, and no. The only drawback of training on the street is a mandatory condition for having good weather. Also note that not everyone can calmly go out into the street and start training. At the same time, many people are embarrassed to visit the hall, preferring to train at home. But if you want to seriously engage in your body, then you can play sports in any conditions.

No gym? No problem!


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