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The most popular crossfit tournament CrossFit Games in the upcoming season of 2019, expect global changes. The format of selection for Games is changing dramatically. This was recently mentioned by Greg Glassman, CEO of CrossFit, in an interview with

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The article states that Greg Glassman plans to direct CrossFit HQ resources to a healthy approach to classes and remove the focus from CrossFit Games.

What changes might happen next year? We have listed some of them below. Most likely, this list will be updated, because everyone is waiting for official confirmation from the company, which is not yet available.

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What changes are coming?

CrossFit is by far the fastest growing brand. For 10 years, the corporation has done what no sports company could. Now it’s time to move on.

Glassman’s plan is to restructure the company, restructure the Games and globalize them to 150,000 branches worldwide.
CrossFit Invitational

If you believe the rumors that have not yet been officially confirmed, CrossFit Invitational may disappear. This is a team competition, in which four of the best athletes from different countries participated, designed to create a dream team. The following regions participated in them: Europe, USA, Canada and Pacific. The Australians won them last year. The tournament usually took place in November.
Crossfit open

Crossfit games
Crossfit games

In the Open Championship, the most significant change is expected. If the changes take effect, athletes from countries with at least one affiliate crossfit club (and these are 162 countries at the moment) will compete with each other to receive an invitation to CrossFit Games. Only one man and one woman will be selected from each country.

“In every country where there is a CrossFit branch, athletes will compete for the title of the strongest in their country. Each winner of the male, female and commanding staff will receive an invitation to the Games, ”said Glassman.

The article Morning Chalk Up says that The Open will be held in October. But in the season of 2019, due to unexpected changes and the lack of a clear schedule, they will hold two open competitions. One of them will be held in late February, and the other in October.

CrossFit Regionals will be replaced by other competitions

Perhaps the regional stages will be a thing of the past. To replace them, they will conduct 16 official crossfit tournaments from November to June, from which they mentioned Wodapalooza, Granite Games, and the Dubai Fitness Championship.

At the moment, CrossFit is negotiating and is going to unite with them, and is also going to provide them with its own staff, medical personnel and doping control. Any athlete or team that won one of these competitions will receive an invitation to the Games.

Crossfit games

From what is known, the Games will, as before, be held in August. But the number of participants in them will increase significantly. Unlike the usual format, where about 80 individual athletes competed, now there will be about 350.

If 2 people are selected from 162 countries, then 324 participants will already be received, not counting the winners of 16 tournaments that will be held within a year.

The new CrossFit Games calendar may look like this after making changes:

  • October: The CrossFit Open
  • November – June: 16 official crossfit tournaments
  • August: CrossFit Games.

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