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Cardio workout is one of the indispensable elements of any fitness program. This type of training on the effectiveness of the fight against overweight leads the list of areas of fitness. Training is a set of physical exercises aimed at both burning fat and strengthening the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

For classes, it is not necessary to attend sports clubs, since most exercises are easy to perform at home. You can choose a set of exercises for both women and men.

Content of the article:

  1. Advantages of cardio exercises without equipment:
  2. Heart Health
  3. Weight loss
  4. Other cardio workout benefits without equipment
  5. Here are some rules for successful home cardio training
  6. Cardio workout without equipment:
  7. Impacts with a kick forward
  8. Plank with a jump
  9. Twisting standing
  10. Jumping out

The positive side of cardio workout is that they are performed without sports equipment (equipment).

The main part of any aerobics (in the translation “air”) is cardio exercises. During the aerobic exercise for a long period, the muscles are loaded and are under the influence of active work, constantly demanding oxygen from the blood to maintain the rhythm of training. To saturate the muscles with oxygen – the lungs start to work faster and stronger, the heart rate increases. These are excellent exercises for metabolism, its acceleration. They can be made as to fitness for the home.

However, there are loads that occur in conditions of lack of oxygen, such a load is called anaerobic activity. During this training, muscles work very intensively, the heart works as much as possible, but can not provide the muscles with the necessary amount of oxygen.

Home cardio workoutHome cardio workout

Advantages of cardio exercises without equipment

Despite the fact that cardiac exercises can be performed absolutely without equipment, they have a positive effect on the entire body as a whole.

Aerobic exercises (cardio exercises) – these are exercises for which the energy consumed by your body through aerobic glycolysis is consumed.
That is, energy is released when carbohydrates and fats are split in the presence of oxygen. By the degree of value for the body – in the first place are proteins, then go fats, and then – carbohydrates. Accordingly, it is the carbohydrates that he will spend in the first place. And until it is consumed, it will not be taken for fats.
In order to show the fat-burning effect of aerobic exercise, it should last at least 20-30 minutes. During this time, glucose accumulated in muscles will just be used up, and your body will have nothing left but to part with carefully stored for a rainy day subcutaneous fats.

workout at home
Workout at home

Heart Health

Cardio exercises are considered the most useful exercises to keep heart-healthy. The main work of the heart is pumping oxygen-enriched blood through the vessels and veins to the brain, muscles, and also to organs and tissues.

During cardio exercises, when the heart starts to work at the maximum speed, it becomes stronger, because, under the influence of a large load, the heart muscle also strengthens.
The trained heart during the rest period works without special stress and quickly ensures the supply of blood enriched with oxygen to organs and tissues. Thus, the likelihood of developing a heart attack, and other heart and vascular diseases decreases.

Weight loss

The most important advantage of such cardio training is that they create the most favorable conditions for burning calories. Working, the muscles expend energy, which the body receives along with eating food.

Other cardio workout benefits without equipment

Cardio exercises have other advantages, in addition to contributing to weight loss and improving heart health. Cardio fitness also helps to increase the level of libido and general energy tone.

Such exercises also help reduce stress and increase the level of mental abilities. For most people, physical activity helps to increase self-esteem and self-esteem.
Types of cardio exercises
Almost all physical exercises can be considered cardio exercises, if they contribute to an increase, at a sufficient level, heart rate and stably maintain it for a long time. Even ordinary (everyday) activities, such as climbing stairs, fast walking, or running can be turned into cardio exercises.

cardio workout
Home exercises

Basically, cardiovascular exercises involve the main muscle groups that require a large amount of oxygen, such as the chest muscles, hamstrings, quadriceps, and arm muscles.

Without equipment, cardio training is not just simple dances, jogs, and walks. If you have a goal to lose weight – give preference to more intensive exercises. Cardio basically consists of exercises that can simultaneously involve a large number of muscles, load the cardiovascular system, and promote fat burning.

Rules for doing cardio exercises at home Cardio, or aerobic exercise at home, should be chosen in consideration of what the size of the area for training (your home gym).

Here are some rules for successful home cardio training:

Save the joints. Exercises related to the impact on the legs (running, jumping, etc.) should be performed in sneakers (yes, do not jump barefoot on the laminate) or by lining a soft rubber non-slip mat. Protect your joints and the peace of neighbors from the bottom.

Music. Take care of the music in advance. Turn on the louder fast rhythmic music, cheer up and you can start!

Diversity. Combine different aerobic exercises, alternate them and perform different variations, since doing the same thing for an hour is not very interesting, and to achieve the effect it is important to get pleasure from training.

Choose several exercises and follow their approaches. Try to work during the workout to include the muscles of the whole body, to jumps add movements with your hands, etc.

Pulse. Remember that for an effective cardio workout, you need to raise the pulse to a level of 60-80% of the maximum. This value is calculated according to a special formula, depending on the age and heart rate at rest. It is also worth considering the physical form of the trainee.

Cardio workout without equipment

Before the main workout, you need to warm up. Perform the following exercises in turn:

  • walking for three minutes;
  • walking, lifting your knees high for one minute;
  • attacks from each leg – ten times;
  • slopes back-forward and to the sides of the trunk – ten times.

After the warm-up, repeat these exercises in turn, without rest, one after another. Do one or two approaches. As a circular training at home for a girl without exercisers. Workouts will be enough, as exercises for slimming children, but for adults, you need to do everything bravely.

Impacts with a kick forward

Standing up straight and sucking in your stomach, remove the scapula. Make a lunge (with your right foot take a step forward, and the left one – put it on the toe). Quickly return to the starting position. From the floor with a quick movement tear your left leg, and straighten it forward, as if striking. Keep the balance in the exercise. Try to do the exercise without support, spreading your arms out to the sides and strongly straining the press. Exercise as quickly as possible, for thirty seconds from each leg.

Home cardio

Plank with a jump

Standing up straight and sucking in your stomach, remove the scapula. Lean forward, touching the palms of the floor. Do your hands “steps” until the body is parallel to the floor (“posture of the bar”), and the legs – on the toes. Further from this position, jump forward, to the arms, with two legs, and then straighten up. Over time, you can press in the “posture of the bar”, and then perform the jump simultaneously with the ascent. Exercise for one minute. This is one of the strongest interval exercises for the press, read the article about Crossfit.

Plank with a jump

Twisting standing

Standing up straight and sucking in your stomach, remove the scapula. Place your legs across the width of your shoulders, stretching your arms above your head. Raise your right straight leg parallel to the floor. Then bend at the waist to the leg, trying not to round the back. Perform each leg for thirty seconds.

cardio workout
Twisting standing

Jumping out

Standing up straight and sucking in your stomach, remove the scapula. Sit low, touching the floor with your hands. Jump out sharply upwards, reaching the “pose of the star” (spreading arms and legs in the sides). During the jump, you will remind the “star”. Again, squat quickly and repeat the exercise. Exercise for one minute. This is a good interval exercise for the hips and buttocks.

The complex of cardio exercises (without equipment) should be performed two to three times a week, supplementing with exercises with low intensity (light jogs, walks), and also by power exercises. And then you quickly reach your goal – lose weight, pull up muscles.

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