Crossfit for beginners: principles and workout plan

To avoid a routine in training, you need to try something new from time to time like Crossfit. Among the many areas of sports and fitness, everyone can find something to do to taste. For those who like intense fitness with a large and diverse load, Crossfit can be the best choice.

Extreme Fitness: Crossfit Training

Crossfit is a universal training system that combines strength, cardio, gymnastic, plyometric and other types of exercises. The load in the Crossfit volume and intense. Crossfit workouts serve the full functional development of the body. Functional training is aimed primarily at improving physical qualities such as endurance, strength, speed, etc.

Cross-training is usually based on a circular principle: several exercises are performed one after another continuously. Pauses between exercises are either not done at all, or their duration is reduced to a minimum. The circle of exercises is repeated several times. As a rule, the crossfiter seeks to make the maximum number of laps in a certain time. Other training schemes may be used, but in general, Crossfit workouts are cyclical. Since the exercise circles are performed as quickly as possible, the pauses between the exercises are not made, and the exercises are used rather hard, the Crossfit workouts are intense, almost extreme, in nature.


CrossfitFor Crossfit, nutrition is important. To successfully lose weight, gain muscle mass, or maintain a stable weight, you have to keep track of consumed and spent calories daily. And in order for the body in sufficient quantities to receive all the necessary nutrients, you need to eat the most diverse and use only healthy foods.

Benefits of CrossFit

The results of high-intensity Crossfit workouts become noticeable after 2-3 weeks of training. Due to the high variability of exercises and speed mode, Crossfit develops several physical qualities at once: endurance, reaction speed, explosive strength, flexibility, coordination, etc. The CrossFit exercises strengthen the cardiovascular system and improve the shape. With the help of Crossfit training, you can lose weight and build muscle. Moreover, the muscles of the body develop evenly, due to the predominance of basic exercises and the development of the entire body as a whole at each workout. Being engaged in Crossfit, you can improve your results in highly specialized sports and fitness.

Crossfit training: possible harm to health

Intense physical exertion is contraindicated for people with cardiovascular diseases, high arterial, and intracranial pressure, injuries of bones and joints, respiratory diseases. This workout cannot be practiced during pregnancy, after surgery, during a cold. It is not recommended to train at any deterioration in health and in a state of fatigue. The cycle of exercises in the Crossfit is very fast, often at the maximum pace. At this speed, it is easy to make a mistake and get hurt. Therefore, during training, you need to constantly be focused and collected. Technique exercises must be worked out to automatism. It is better to start cross-training, already having some experience of strength training. For beginners, it is advisable to take the help of an experienced instructor.


CrossFit Exercises

Crossfit trainings include diverse loads. Crossfitters use exercises from bodybuilding, powerlifting, kettlebell lifting, aerobic fitness, gymnastics, plyometrics, athletics. As in any functional training, the emphasis is on natural movements, familiar to each person. These are running, squatting, jumping, jumping on a hill, lifting, carrying, and rolling loads. Isolated exercises in crossfight are avoided. Here, preference is given to exercises that simultaneously load a large number of muscles. During the lesson, different loads alternate, so that the body is worked out evenly and not one physical quality is improved, but several at once.

Workout plan

A Crossfit class usually consists of the following blocks:

  • Warm-up. A set of exercises for warming up the standard: dynamic stretching, elements of articular gymnastics, cardiovascular exercise (jumping, running, jumping on the box).
  • Power block. This part of the workout, like a warm-up, helps to warm up before the main set of exercises.
  • Crossfit WOD– training of the day. An exercise program usually consists of 4-10 exercises that are performed in tandem: one after another without pauses or with short stops for rest. The circle of exercises is repeated several times. A circle in a Crossfit can look like this: running – 100 meters, explosive squats – 30 repetitions, lifting legs in a horizontal bar – 30 repetitions, explosive pushups – 30 repetitions.
  • Hitch. First, you need to walk a bit around the room, waiting for your heartbeat to calm down, and then stretch.

Crossfiter’s clothing is a t-shirt, shirt, shorts, leggings. You need to dress so that it is comfortable to train. It is advisable to use additional sports accessories: athletic belt, knee pads, fitness gloves, etc. Training shoes should securely fix the foot.

Crossfiter’s clothing is a t-shirt, shirt, shorts, leggings. You need to dress so that it is comfortable to train. It is advisable to use additional sports accessories: athletic belt, knee pads, fitness gloves, etc. Training shoes should securely fix the foot.

Crossfit contest
Crossfit contest

Key nutritional rules:

  • Consume less sweet, fatty, flour, convenience foods, and other junk food. It is desirable to completely eliminate it from the diet.
  • Give preference to the right products. For practicing fitness especially useful lean meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits.
  • Ensure that the ratio of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates in the diet is optimal (30:30:40).
  • Make food fractional. Meals should be regular. Breakfast is required.

Training can be aimed at losing weight, gaining weight, or maintaining a stable weight. Calorie intake should be consistent with the goals. When gaining muscle mass to the daily norm of calories should be added 300-500 kcal, while losing weight – take 300-500 kcal. Lose weight and gain weight gradually, without sharp fluctuations in weight.

Healthy foods

Healthy foods 

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