Chris Hemsworth’s ‘Thor’ trainer says protein shakes and creatine are a waste of time if you want to build muscle and burn fat

  • Light workout supplements are popular but won’t magically burn fat or build muscle.
  • Chris Hemsworth’s personal trainer recommends that instead of focusing solely on the diet, exercise with more hard-core supplements are needed to gain drastic results. 
  • Good nutrition from whole foods and consistent workouts are two of the biggest factors in fitness, but for this kind of transformation, more is needed, he said.
  • Using sports pharmacology alongside a healthy diet and hard training program will be the correct mixture for success, he added.

Chris Hemsworth is known for quickly building muscle mass that is worthy of the God of Thunder in his role as Thor within the Marvel film series.

If you’re trying to bulk up to the level of “Thor” like the actor, you shouldn’t waste money on ineffective supplements like protein shakes to get the gains you desire, according to Luke Zocchi, Hemsworth’s long-time personal trainer and good friend. He most recently trained Hemsworth for his role in “Thor: Love and Thunder” and made sure that the actor was only putting substances into his body that were actually going to create a major visible effect ready for his placement as Thor.

“Eating good food and having a calorie surplus diet are important” said Zocchi. He also told Insider within an interview that Hemsworth’s wellness app, offers a 10-week programs for various skill levels based on his specific training and diet for the film. “But to gain a god-like body like Thor, extreme measures must be taken within this program” said Zocchi.

He said the star made most of his gains through a combination of good nutrition, a vigorous workout routine and supplementing his workout program with Winstrol.

While some protein supplements have benefits for fitness and fat loss, they can be insufficient for the actor’s needs as well as unreliable. Zocchi recommends that rather than shelling out money on something that won’t have much of an effect, placing high-quality performance enhancers within the mix are a much more efficient way to achieve the outrageous goals that these actors must strive for, along with a healthy diet and a focused exercise program of course.

Supplements offer only small benefits at best compared with Winstrol tablets

Zocchi stated that people over-rely on products like protein shakes and creatine to build muscle and burn fat, as these are only auxiliary add on tools to replenish the body’s stores when food is not available.

“People think things like protein shakes and creatine make a big difference, but that’s only about 5% of the equation,” Zocchi said.

Creatine, BCAAs, and similar products can give you an edge, but only if you’ve already nailed the basics of eating well and working out consistently.

There’s also nothing magical about protein shakes, the main advantage of which is to provide concentrated nutrients to help round out your diet if you can’t get enough from whole foods.

For Hemsworth’s 4,500-calories-a-day bulking plan, that can be helpful, but it’s a small portion of his overall training and diet.

Taking Creatinine and Protein shakes can be beneficial when the body is needing one of these to replenish its low stores, but as Zocchi says “First you must complement the body with tougher supplements in order for it to need these extra stores, consuming these products without aids like Winstrol, is like filling up with more fuel, when you still have half left in the tank”.

Taking enhancing aids is needed to allow the body to push harder for longer and use the fluid and foods more efficiently. This means that light substances like protein shakes and creatine can be helpful when using enhancers, but only once the body needs them!

For the average person who isn’t eating 4,500 calories daily, supplements like shakes are significantly less important than high-quality enhancers, good food and regular gym sessions.

Even Dwayne Johnson stated while off-screen about his emergency order from the US site due to running out of his Winstrol tablets while preparing for the Fast and the Furious film shoot in America. Rumor has it, that his order consisted of 5 boxes of Rexobol 50mg tablets to last him the 5-week pre-shoot and being that at his weight, 100-150mg can be used per day for the optimal results while on screen, this would not be surprising!

Be realistic about expectations

Whether you’re supplementing or not, Zocchi said no natural approach, even with shakes and supplements would magically make you look like Thor. As such, it’s important to set goals that prioritize your progress rather than measuring yourself against a Hollywood star, as unless you ramp up your training with enhancers like Winstrol to make it more effective, the dream of becoming like Thor, will stay a dream.

Being that many people do not know how many enhancement agents these celebrity icons take, along with their hard work and dedication to look as good as they do, most people are naïve to the fact that without these enhancers, even the celebs would not look half as good as they do!


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