fst-7 training program
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FST-7 Training Program: What Is It, Workouts & Exercises

For professionals and advanced bodybuilders who have already tried all the techniques, but stopped progressing, the FST-7 is suitable –…

best boxing gloves
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Best Boxing Gloves for Beginners & Professionals – Review (2021)

We are glad to present you the best boxing gloves according to the version of our website. We have selected…

forearm training
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How to forearm training at home: all exercises​

Developed forearm – a pledge of a strong, male grip, as well as a good and aesthetically attractive type of…

Sumo squats
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Sumo squats

Strong legs and buttocks are the dreams of many, including the fair sex. But in order to achieve such results, it…

Pull-ups with a wide grip
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Pull-ups with a wide grip

Are there any exercises in Crossfit, fitness, and bodybuilding that allow you to progress for a very long time without requiring…

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Weight Loss Exercises With Fitball

Fitball is a large gymnastic ball that is used for intensive training. With a huge ball, classes become not only cheerful,…

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The training program to gain muscle mass for ectomorph

So, probably, you heard about the types of physiques. If not, and the word ectomorph you have questions, then I’ll try…

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How to pump the biceps in the gym and at home?

How to swing biceps – the best exercise program for rapid muscle growth. Biceps training – how often it should be…

dumbbell workout
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Pump Biceps and Triceps With Dumbbell Workout

Biceps dumbbell workout is a fairly simple, but very effective sports training scheme, allowing you to engage in the work…

ab workouts for men
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Upper Ab Workouts For Men and Women

Upper ab workouts for men and women are created to pump up your press without leaving home. Everyone can do…

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Home cardio workout without equipment

Cardio workout is one of the indispensable elements of any fitness program. This type of training on the effectiveness of…

knee exercises
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Knee Exercises to Help Prevent Injury

At the very beginning of the article, we want to warn that there are many causes of pain in the…

forearm exercises
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The Ultimate Forearm Exercises

In everyday life, forearms are always involved in the work, so it’s important to do forearm exercises. They help to…