Burpee exercise. Features and technique


In this material, we will describe in detail how to correctly make Burpee what kind of exercise is its pluses and minuses and the reasons for such popularity among athletes and especially in crossfit.
Content of the article:

  1. Briefly about the history of the origin of the Burpee
  2. Advantages of Burpee
  3. Technique for performing Burpee
  4. Is Burpee effective for losing weight?
  5. Would Burpee fit girls?
  6. Records and achievements

Briefly about the history of the origin of the Burpee

Birpi is one of the exercises within the crossfit system and consists of several movements performed from different positions in one cycle. This is a very high-intensity task, in the process of implementation of which all muscle groups are involved.

The exercise was invented by the physiologist Royal H. Burpee in 1939. He combined four movements into one and named the resulting combination in honor of himself. Since 1942, the invention of Burpee has been used by the military as a test of military personnel for physical development. Initially, the exercise lasted twenty seconds. By 1946, the task was modified and it began to last exactly one minute. If during this time the recruit could do forty or more repetitions, then he was considered fit for service.

Burpee exercise
Burpee exercise

Today, the Burpee exercise is often included in the compulsory military training complex around the world. And not only military. All persons who are obliged by their nature to have high physical training, perform this exercise in the framework of training programs. And these are firemen, special units, professional athletes. Burbits are also available to ordinary people. It is enough to have good physical data and endurance. If you want to pump chest muscles, read this lower part chest workout.

Advantages of Burpee 

Birpi as an interval training, capable of burning fat and developing the entire body, has a number of advantages over other types of training.

High efficiency

During the exercise, all the muscles of the body participate. Work hands, feet, back, press. There are 29 pairs of muscles located in the lower back, in the pelvis and abdomen. All together they received the name of the muscles of the bark and form the core necessary to maintain the balance of the human body. 

Burpee exercise
Burpee exercise

In addition to muscle development, the cardiovascular system is strengthened, and the volume of the lungs expands. Training is also effective for losing weight. At the expense of intensity, twice as many calories are burned as compared to normal fitness training. And the interval of the exercise keeps the metabolism for the whole day. A beautiful body is provided! 
Exercise improves power and speed. Develops flexibility, endurance and coordination of movements.

Convenience and accessibility

Birpis can be performed always and everywhere. Exercise does not require additional equipment or a special room, and full body training will take only a few minutes. 
Exercise is available to anyone who can crouch, get up, push up and jump at an accelerated pace. The practitioner himself, depending on physical fitness and body weight, controls the number of repetitions and the rhythm of their performance. 
There is a variety of techniques for performing burpee: from classical to adding additional movements or combining with another workout.

Technique for performing Burpee

Perform Burpee in a strict sequence of movements. Step by step about what sequence and how to do a Burpee we will analyze further:

Step-by-step description

Burpee exercise
  1. We take the starting position: stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart.
  2. We move to the squat position, hands are placed on the floor.
  3. Accept the position of the bar, firmly fixing your hands on the floor and stretching your legs back with a quick movement.
  4. We do push-up (this is already modernized birch, there was no push-up earlier).
  5. In the jump, we pull our legs to the hands and jump up, raising our hands above our heads (we can also make cotton).

Repeat the exercise a certain number of times.

Variations of exercise

There are also different variations of performing Burpee:

  • Burpee with pulling;
  • Burpee  with jumping to the platform;
  • Burpee with force attacks or lifts of legs.

And you can alternate the exercise with other elements. For example, between the repetitions, run on the spot.

What to look for

In the following, we will discuss in detail the technique of performing Burpee. To make the training as effective as possible, you need to follow the following tips:

  • The jump must be as high as possible;
  • between movements there should be no breaks;
  • training should be cyclic: we hold short sessions for 1-2 minutes;
  • follow the breath: the bar – the breath, the push-up – the exhalation, the ascent – the breath, the jump upwards – the exhalation;
  • the most effective Burpee in the morning – so faster will be accelerated metabolism.
Burpee exercise
Burpee exercise with a ball

For beginners, it is recommended to perform a shortened version of the burpee, for example, without pushing up or jumping up. Excellent combination of strength training with cardio loading will show itself. To do this, you can use light running in place between the Burpee.

Is Burpee effective for losing weight?

Burpy is a great show for losing weight. During the exercise, all muscles are pumped, which increases the metabolic rate and reduces fat tissue energy consumption.

One breeze burns about 1.43 calories (at the rate of 80-82 kg of weight). With an increase in the pace of the exercise, energy consumption increases. For example, when performing a task 7 times per minute, we burn 10 calories, and a five-minute training will save the practitioner from fifty extra calories.

If you follow five approaches for five minutes you can get rid of 250 calories. And if you consider that to lose weight you need to burn about three hundred calories with a diet of 1400-1500 calories, then the bump is ideal for losing weight. 

Burpee exercise
Group Burpee exercise

It is also possible to increase the consumption of calories during birch. To do this, you can increase the load, for example, by using dumbbells during the exercise. Effectively shows itself a combination of paired exercises, for example, a cyclic alternation of Burpee and squats. 
By the way, at intensive training of a Burpee it is burnt not less calories, than at the same run. The comparative table below shows this very well.

Type of physical activity The number of calories burned in 15 minutes
Aerobics of high activity 104
Aerobics of low activity 74
Running (200m / min) 170
Bicycle (20 km / h) 118
Climbing the stairs 105
Jumping rope 148
Burpy (when performing 7 bopd per minute) 150

Would Burpee fit girls?

Burpee is perfect for both male and female sex. Harm from training there is no, but the benefits have already been written above. As for the girls, they, like newcomers, are recommended at the initial stage to facilitate their task and perform the exercise in a lightweight version. 
There are also a number of restrictions for girls. It is not recommended to perform the exercise to pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Records and achievements

As in any sport, the bapy has its own record holders:

1. The Englishman Lee Ryanu January 10, 2015 per day made a Burpee 10100 times, though without a jump. 
2. Russian Igor Kim April 24, 2016 made 4,555 classic bitters.

So, there are no limits to perfection. Be engaged and establish, if not world, then your personal records, both in birch, and in other sports!

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