Best Boxing Gloves for Beginners & Professionals – Review (2021)

best boxing gloves

We are glad to present you the best boxing gloves according to the version of our website. We have selected the most interesting models in each price segment. Consider budget, professional and elite boxing gloves.

In general, different ratings are often subjective. Especially when it comes to boxing gloves. The reason is in the anatomy: some have a slightly thicker wrist, some have longer or shorter fingers. Because of this, the same model, which will fit perfectly on one person, will not be liked at all by another.

This should always be borne in mind when comparing one glove to another. Nevertheless, among the total mass, the most successful models can be distinguished, which we will tell you about.

In our review, there will be exactly those gloves that we would buy for ourselves. While writing this article, we also consulted with people who sell boxing equipment.

Best Boxing Gloves for Beginners

It can be more difficult for a beginner to choose boxing training gloves than for an experienced athlete. Here’s the point. When you want to try martial arts, but are not yet sure if you will do it seriously, then you have no desire to buy expensive gloves. And this is a real problem, because in most budget models, training is simply not safe.

The solution was found empirically, namely using Clinch products. This is a less hyped brand, and you may not even have heard of it. But their gloves cost very humane money and fulfill two main conditions:

  • Normal fist clenching. This is, in fact, the first prevention of all hand injuries, which most often happen when you hit with a loosely clenched fist.
  • Sufficient volume and quality of the tread. It’s about the very foam that is hidden inside the gloves. At Clinch, it works out its protective function pretty well and does not crumple in the third workout.

Clinch has different models, including real leather, but for a beginner, we would recommend Aero (the most budgetary), Punch or Prime (slightly more advanced options).

Clinch Aero Boxing Gloves

Of course, you should not expect that such gloves will last you 2-3 years of regular training. But, firstly, they will help you not to get injured in the first months. And secondly, by the end of the first year of training, you will want to buy something more serious.

Best Budget Boxing Gloves

Want an honest opinion from the author of this article? I wouldn’t buy budget boxing gloves at all. They are not much cheaper than professional ones, but in terms of quality they are much inferior.

But if this amount is critical for you, then we can still advise you on a couple of really good options.


The first is, of course, RDX. Without a doubt, one of the best firms in this segment. The brand itself is originally from the UK, but most of its products are produced in Pakistan (which, by the way, is not bad, since many very good things are done in this country).

This brand has very decent models with a price slightly beyond the budget. But the most popular gloves are the RDX BGL T1 Gel Pro. This is a real hit of sales. There is a very dense and soft protector, an additional gel liner for protection and excellent cowhide leather. Probably, these gloves are loved for the level of materials. If we talk about landing, then it is not for everybody. In our opinion, there is a lot of free space inside. But this can also be an advantage. For example, for those with large hands or those who like to wrap themselves more tightly with a long bandage.

best rdx boxing gloves

Twins Special

The second brand we can recommend in this segment is Twins Special. This is a real classic, proven by more than one generation. Unfortunately, this classic is rapidly becoming more expensive and strives to move into the more expensive segment. The quality is worth noting in these gloves.

What else do you need to know about Twins? Like other Thai brands, these gloves fit very tightly. They’re pretty rigid during the first 2-3 workouts. Therefore, in order to form an optimal fit, we recommend that clients do a good job with the punching bag during this period.

Twins Special BGVL 3


The next brand is Revgear. It has very good reviews from those people who train 3-4 times a week. The negative about these gloves is also present, but no more than about other brands. Unfortunately, we test them in a short period, but we feel they sit quite nicely.

By the way, the price of Revgear boxing gloves is better than that of its competitors. This is especially true for the leather flagship model: Revgear S3 Sentinel Pro. In general, in our opinion, there is no big risk that you will prefer them to RDX.

best revgear boxing gloves

Professional Boxing Gloves

According to the author of this article, these are the boxing gloves that you should buy. Do not skimp on your health and comfort.

Of course, some athletes may object to this, as there is a dispute about what is really worth the money. Let’s get to the point.


Hayabusa is a Canadian brand that has been at the top for many years and has positioned its products as premium from the very beginning. What can be said about them? Yes, their professional boxing gloves are really cool.

The most popular model for this brand at the moment is the T3. In our opinion, these gloves have 3 main features: a comfortable fit, a proprietary double fixation of the hand (many manufacturers copied this from Hayabusa) and the durability of the materials. Nothing really happens to them even if you train very intensely.

best hayabusa boxing gloves

It will come as a surprise to many that Hayabusa does not make all models of gloves (except for the top-end one – Kanpeki) from genuine leather. Contrary to popular myth, now high-quality artificial leather can be many times stronger and more durable. And no killing animals for your hobby.

Of course, there are some downsides to this brand. For example, many may be put off by their Japanese-style design, which is not particularly associated with boxing aesthetics. In general, boxers don’t like Hayabusa very much. Someone may not like the landing, this has happened more than once and this is normal.

Ultimatum Boxing

Ultimatum Boxing has proven that they know how to develop professional boxing equipment in Russia (although the company’s production is still located in Pakistan).

Representatives of this company thoroughly analyzed all the most important things that are in boxing gloves: how the hand should sit, what should be the protective foam, how much should it be, how thick the skin should be, and so on. They did real tests on practicing athletes.

best ultimatum boxing gloves

The result is a product that is good from every angle. Its price, although not cheap, is much cheaper than most tops. A separate advantage, in our opinion, is the presence of a special sparring model with a thickened protector. It is in such equipment that sparring should be carried out if you are not indifferent to your health and the health of your partner.


By the way, about health. We cannot fail to mention one more premium brand – Fairtex. It belongs to the best Thai brands and has a large fan base who love boxing gloves for their excellent fist clenching and branded leather. The quality of these products is visible to the naked eye.

And we mentioned health, since Fairtex boxing gloves have a kind of hard protector. It protects your hand very well, but it will not be sympathetic to your sparring partner’s face. You can spar in these gloves, but choose a weight of at least 16 oz!

best fairtex boxing gloves

Elite Boxing Gloves

This is the pinnacle of the premium level, which not everyone can afford. Here, too, we will not argue whether such a high price is justified. Only one thing can be said: elite boxing gloves are truly the best in terms of quality and comfort.


We often see this Japanese brand on most of the top boxers. Winning boxing gloves are a dream come true for beginner athletes. Over the years, their equipment has been created to order and has little focus on stock. If you send a request right now on their official website, then, most likely, you will be asked to wait 2-3 months.

Winning does not wholesale their products. Therefore, you can only buy it from the manufacturer on the official website or on Amazon.

best winning boxing gloves

Are the products of the legendary brand so good? Oh yes, she’s just amazing! Working with these gloves is a real pleasure. And there is only one minus here: the presence of significantly cheaper analogs from less popular brands, which are known only to experts.


We were able to find only one Winning analog, a small Mexican brand called Sabas. In our opinion, it is not inferior in quality. In general, experience shows that the best boxing equipment is made only in two places: in Japan (this is Winning) and in Mexico.

Like Winning, Sabas are made almost entirely by hand. And it is mainly bought by professionals. You can evaluate the quality of the products immediately after you put the glove on your hand. We have not yet seen any indifferent people who understand this.

Sabas ProSeries Hook and Loop

Of course, the appearance of Sabas is simply flawless, which also makes it related to Winning. Of course, the price of these things may shock a novice, but the Mexicans want significantly less money for their products than the Japanese.

Sabas do not strive for global fame, but Winning also did not conduct noisy advertising campaigns. Therefore, there is no guarantee that the current price level will remain the same.

Cleto Reyes

By the way, one of the Mexican manufacturers is already very popular in the global boxing equipment industry. This is a brand called Cleto Reyes.

This is another elite brand with the highest level of quality, but much more distinctive. The peculiarity of Cleto Reyes is that their boxing gloves are very “Mexican”. In the sense that the Mexicans are a hot-blooded people and always work seriously. Therefore, the tread of the Cleto Reyes is quite hard, and some models even have a special liner made of horse hair, which gets wet during sparring and gives an additional strength to the beating surface.

best cleto reyes boxing gloves

In general, the reputation of Cleto Reyes as a true luxury glove. And this applies to all sizes and modifications.

Cleto Reyes boxing gloves fit into the “Elite” category in all respects.

What Size Boxing Gloves Do I Need?

Below we present a table, the data of which is based on many years of experience in observing athletes of different levels. Find your weight and find out the right size of boxing gloves.

Fighter Weight (in pounds) Fighter Weight (in kilograms) Glove Weight (in ounces)
80-100 lbs 37-46 kg 08 oz
100-120 lbs 46-55 kg 10 oz
120-140 lbs 55-64 kg 12 oz
140-160 lbs 64-73 kg 14 oz
160-180 lbs 73-82 kg 16 oz
180-200 lbs 82-91 kg 18 oz
200 lbs + 91 kg + 20 oz


In this review of best boxing gloves, we could ignore many good brands. However, the article was prepared based on our own experience. We used the options that we managed to try out ourselves. We also took into account the feedback from athletes and customers. Without this, you will not be able to make an honest review. We update this rating every year. Follow us.

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